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Relax and manage your products with ZenOwn - collect invoices, keep track of warranties and sell products you no longer need.
Users should no longer be restricted to keeping their product-related information such as receipts, warranties and user manuals in drawers or folders like it has been done for decades.
I used the opportunity of a home screen real estate to reflect the ability to manage the current products by showing the warranty status. This is an important aspect, as the ZenOwn is not just a product-saving app. It allows you to manage your existing products as well.
Add product
The ZenOwn aims to be a go-to app after you get a new product. It has to be a quick and simple way to be able to add it into the app, so there are 2 ways to do it - by scanning or by adding it manually.
The ZenOwn app is also about selling or giving away the products you no longer use, so it makes sense that this aspect is shown in the main tab bar as well. It displays all the products you want to sell, give away or lend.

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