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Let's design the wireframes together!

I'm finally revealing the best way to learn the UX design!

I've worked with 94 startups

Everything written in this Workbook is based 100% on my experience
A huge thanks goes to Hyper for being able to work with most of these startups

100% practical, 0% theoretical

We're going to design the wireframes together on a specific project. You're going to see my thinking process behind the decisions I make when help launching a startup.

We will wireframe  the mobile screen together

We'll start from scratch, by breaking down all of the important components, and then slowly progress to the wireframes. 

Add notes directly in Workbook

These little tasks will help you interact with the wireframe process.

Let me guess. You've watched tons of videos, read books,

or even bought courses, but you still feel kind of lost.

No worries, you're definitely not the only one. These questions literally every day hit my inbox from people all over the world:

With all these messages hitting every day, I started doing live workshops.

I had this concept idea I wanted to try out ASAP. And it turned out people really loved it! I became fully confident in this method.
Some of my workshop participants
"Thank you for having me in your workshop. I really liked that it was practical!"
- Luci
"Getting Bojan's insights from his design process was a game-changer!"
- Dalibor
"I was so happy to get the seat! I recommend it to both beginners and advanced designers."
- Karina

Workshops were a success, and I used the same methods to design this Workbook

This Workbook is a collection of thoughts from the design process behind my design decisions. In a way, it's very personal. Almost like a diary of my design thoughts.
The UX design is much more than lines and shapes. It takes a tremendous effort to design something that actually works.
There are so many questions you need to go through to design a simple screen.
And this is what we are going to focus on in this very first edition of the Workbook - What are the questions I'm asking when designing the user experience, and how do I answer them.
We will wireframe together and break down the home screen in a specific project.
I'm so confident that this Workbook will have an impact on your design work. If by any chance it doesn't, let me know and I'll send you the money back.
Let's start. We have a lot of work to do.
UX Buddy Workbook

UX Buddy Workbook

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