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An app that lets you build up your wishlist and explore what gift to get to your friends and family.
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Whether you're just browsing around to build your wishlist, or you want to check your friend's wishes, Instagenie is making it easier for everyone to get gifted.
Home feed
The home feed contains posts posted by people that received a gift. It's important that every time the user opens the app, they see dynamic content which gives them new ideas on what to add to their wishlist, or to buy something for their friends or family.
The main call to actions in the app are: Add to wishlist. Buy a gift, Split with friends. I wanted to make the clean UI, and instead of designing 3 call to actions below each photo, I designed one "+" icon. Also, not having a one-tap solution for adding an item to the Wishlist, means that users need to make a little bit bigger effort to add an item to their wishlist, which means less chance to have huge wishlists where buyers can get frustrated to pick the right gift.
There is also an indication of how many people have added this product to their wishlist, which can be useful information to both someone who is building up their wishlist, or someone who is buying a gift.
The main call to actions
After tapping the "+" icon from the home screen, the user can choose among 3 call to actions: Buy a gift, Split with friends, Add to wishlist. The icon for closing down the screen, is placed on the same position as to where the "+" icon on the home feed is, so that user can quickly close it down without moving the finger around. 
When you land on someone else's profile, it's important that you can quickly see the most popular items from their wishlist. Also, to be able to check other wishlist items faster, choose a grid view.

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