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UX & UI Design Workbook

Design the App From Scratch

An interactive workbook that takes you from wireframes to beautiful interfaces in a specific app project. Created by Bojan Novakovic and Michał Filipiuk.

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Who is it for?

For literally every UI/UX designer out there

We are explaining our UI and UX design decisions in a specific user flow, making it easy for you to understand our design process.

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Top highlights

200+ pages of pure golden knowledge

UI design screens and principles

⚡ What should be the element sizes

⚡ How to choose the color palette

⚡ How to position the elements

⚡ How to set up a grid

⚡ How to choose the icons

⚡ What is the right typeface

UX design insights and wireframes

🔥 How to design the user flow

🔥 The most common UX patterns

🔥 Right vs. wrong approach

🔥 How to brainstorm different ideas

🔥 UX writing examples

🔥 How to think like the user

Michał's and Bojan's #1 highlight

We take you through a specific project

We designed the app that takes care of your plant, and we're explaining our design decisions.

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Understanding the design

It will help you think as a designer

Learn how to convert your ideas into detailed wireframes, and wireframes into the clean user interface.

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Which filters does the user need? 🤔

What are your thoughts on that? 🤔

It's interactive

Did you think you can go away without homework? 

Think twice! You'll be answering questions directly in the workbook.


This workbook is for you if ...

You want to become a better UI/UX designer 🔥

You care about both the usability & aesthetics of your designs ✨

You want to become a more confident product designer 🤙

You need a kickstart in your career, even if you start from zero 🚀

You want to know how do we design the app from scratch 🦄


That's not all! We're equipping you with these awesome bonuses!

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FREE bonus

A unique UI kit for Figma

Valued at €14.90

Made out of the components from the app that we’re designing in this workbook. It will not be released anywhere else.

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FREE bonus

UX design workbook

Valued at €6.90

An interactive UX design workbook, taking you through the UX decisions made in a specific project. Learn more


30% off for all students!

We're offering a 30% discount to eligible high school, college, and university students. Simply send proof of your student status to, and we will give you a coupon code. Not valid during a discount promotion.

Ready to upskill as a UI/UX designer?


cca $21 + VAT where applicable

A little bit about us


Just a regular 33-year old guy, a fresh dad, with a huge passion for building products. Living a proud vegan 🌱 lifestyle who cares more about pancakes 🥞 than my phone notifications. 💯​

- Bojan

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A young freelancer with a great passion for anything design-related. A lifelong non-fiction reader 📚 who wants to become a digital nomad in the future. 🏄‍♂️ I spend way too much time looking for productivity apps. ⌚ ️

- Michał

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Workbook proudly created by Michał and Bojan 🤓

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